New Exhibition Now Open

My new exhibition ‘Shaped by History’ is now open at the National Photographic Archive at Meeting House Square, Temple Bar.

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New website

This website has just been updated and new photographs from the last number of travels will be appearing very soon.

The last two months…

The last few months have been something of an eye-opener in photographic terms.

Since its launch my website has attracted visitors from over 40 countries throughout the globe. It peaked at over eight hundred hits in one day last month and the interest in my photographs of the Milk Market has been phenomenal.

In July the Limerick Leader Newspaper gave my work some exceptional coverage over a three-week period. On the 9th July the newspaper ran a front-page story and devoted an unprecedented three page inside special to a selection of my early Limerick photographs. The public response prompted them to publish a further two page spread the following week and additional coverage was given to a human-interest story one week later.

As a result of this publicity people from all over the world contacted me and I have been very flattered by the number of people who have asked me to publish a book of Milk Market photographs.

I received a phone call from the Hunt Museum in Limerick two weeks ago inviting me to hold an exhibition early in the new year and a further one man exhibition of my work will be held in Dublin later in 2012.

While all this was going on I was fortunate to receive some very prestigious national photographic awards for my most recent work in Cambodia and Ethiopia.

So some future challenges have been set out for me and exciting times lie ahead. I’m currently giving serious thought to publishing a book of my early work and I intend to research the background of the characters in those photographs with this in mind. A Limerick Milk Marker Calendar for 2013 is definitely on the cards and this will be launched at the Hunt Museum Exhibition at a date that has yet to be decided. There are some additional projects in the melting pot but more of that anon.




Limerick Leader

The following are PDF excerpts from the Limerick Leader feature articles over the space of two weeks in July 2011. Click on the box next to the magnifying glass to view this PDF in a full screen. These images are all featured in the Limerick Market in the 1970’s and Ireland in the 1970’s sections of this website.

Welcome to this website.


This is a brand-new website, launched on the day of my profile on RTÉs Capital D programme. It will be updated soon with much more content but, in the meantime, it features images taken on recent trips to Cambodia, Italy and Ethiopia. If you are interested in learning more, simply drop me an email and I will reply to you shortly afterwards.